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Black Forest Chocolate Brownie

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Introducing our delectable and indulgent Gluten Free Black Forest Chocolate brownie, generously infused with the finest ingredients to tantalise your taste buds. Each bite of this heavenly treat is enhanced with the delightful flavours of kirsch, adding a subtle hint of sophistication.

We’ve carefully selected premium morello cherries, bursting with natural sweetness, to complement the richness of our Belgian chocolate. Indulge yourself in the ultimate chocolate experience with our Gluten Free Black Forest Chocolate brownie that will leave you craving for more.

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Indulge in the rich and decadent flavours of our Gluten Free Black Forest Chocolate Brownie. This luxurious treat is the perfect combination of fudgy chocolate brownie and sweet cherry, making it a dessert that is sure to impress.

Our brownie is made with high-quality ingredients, including rich cocoa powder, Belgian dark chocolate chunks, and cherry pie filling that is made with morello cherries and kirsch. The result is a chocolate brownie that is moist, chewy, and bursting with flavour. With a sprinkling of Belgian dark chocolate blossoms and cherry pieces on top.

Each bite of our Black Forest Chocolate Brownie is a heavenly experience. The chocolatey goodness of the brownie is perfectly balanced by the tartness of the cherries, creating a flavour profile that is both rich and refreshing.

This dessert is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a dinner party, a family gathering, or simply a sweet treat to enjoy after dinner. It's also a great gift for any chocolate lover.

Our homemade Black Forest Chocolate Brownie is made fresh to order and delivered directly to your door (anywhere in the UK), ensuring that you receive the highest quality product possible. Order now and indulge in the ultimate chocolatey delight!


MILK, SOYA, EGGS and may contain traces of NUTS due to their presence in the kitchen environment


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